Often quality domain names
are overlooked by brokers,
but things are about to

Welcome to Broker Booth, a place where domain owners connect with domain brokers to get great names sold to end users. 

The domain industry has limited broker opportunities for names in the low to mid five figure range. Traditional domain brokers tend to concentrate on names at mid five figures and above, so this creates tremendous possibilities below this range. 

Broker Booth has hand picked an exceptional team of brokers who are ready to create mutual benefit and sell names to end users in a professional and discreet way.  

This is an exciting opportunity for domain owners who would like to use brokers as a route to market.



Domain Owners

Owners submit names with clear end user potential, where a retail price in the low to mid five figure range is being targeted


name Review

Names are reviewed before going through to broker stage, this gives both parties the best chance of success


Domain brokers

We engage with our brokers to match the name and once done the end user outreach commences 


End user sales

When a name sells Broker Booth coordinates the sale through escrow, which gives peace of mind to all parties

There is clear opportunity for both domain owners and brokers to sell more names and it makes logical sense to put the two together to realise this opportunity. Broker Booth is the bridge that connects these two parties.


Broker Booth helps liquidity for domain owners by offering broker services for names in the low to mid five figure range. There is significant demand in the industry for a service to support domain names in this price range.

We use a small team of hand picked brokers who are experienced sellers in this price area. 

Names submitted to Broker Booth will go through an approval process. Approved names will proceed to broker stage where we match names with our brokers. 

These steps help us to provide a quality service, which gives names we manage the best chance of success. 

We welcome the opportunity to broker your domain names. Please visit the FAQ page for more information. You can submit your names via the Domain Submissions page. 


Broker Booth work with a select number of domain brokers, this approach helps maintain a positive user experience for domain owners using the service.

Our responsibility to our brokers is simple, its to provide quality names with good end user options. Brokers work with us because:

    • They receive regular broker opportunities
    • The names meet a certain quality standard
    • We enable them to concentrate on selling names while we manage the client relationship

We believe a close relationship with our brokers is the key ingredient for success.  

If you are interested in being a part of our broker team then please use the email address on the contact page to get in touch.